Amy Mitchell

I help introverted service-based business owners create consistent income without paid ads or adrenal fatigue.

I do that with hands-on, custom strategy + implementation support.





If you…

→ Aren’t making enough money

→ Don’t have enough clients or the right clients

→ Are tired of wasting time on strategies and tactics that aren’t working

→ And are stressed out or losing sleep about the stability and sustainability of your business…

I can help.

You didn’t start a business to be bogged down, stressed out, and barely getting by.

You DID, however, start one so that you could design your life and business in a way that lights you up.

To have more freedom.

To have space and time to actually work ON your business and LIVE your life.

To be thoughtful in where you’re going and WHY.

And in order to do that, you need consistent income. Period.

Without consistent income, you can’t move out of survival mode.

And survival mode is where lack, scarcity, and stuck-ness breed.

So, what then is the bridge between survival mode and being able to bring in consistent income in your business month after month?

If you want to reliably and consistently create income in your business…

…you need to act reliably and consistently.

Your systems and habits create the conditions in your business.

Building systems to consistently market, sell, deliver to your clients is the way to consistent, reliable income.

Stick with me, I’ll show you how.

I just love Amy’s approach to business. She seems to have this unique ability to simplify all the things that I overcomplicate so that I can easily keep moving in the right direction. Her mind works in such a way that you can’t help benefit from any interaction with her. It’s not just me that benefits either, I’ve introduced her to my community who are also benefiting from her ninja skills.
— Jo Bendle, Business Mentor
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In case we haven’t met - I’m Amy 👋.

I’m an Asana Certified Pro, Certified Business Performance Coach, and systems & marketing obsessed online business owner who is…

→ ONE PART business nerd.

→ ONE PART productivity & organization enthusiast.

→ ONE PART brave, adventurous, travel-loving freedom-seeker.

→ TWO PARTS introverted, soul-aligned, intuitive and magical human.


After working with 100+ solopreneurs, I realized that those on a mission to create their own thing often get stuck between strategy and implementation.

They have to DECIDE the work and DO the work.

And, they need support with both to get the right systems in place to make the money they need.

It often goes like this:

→ feel stressed about time, money, or the future of their business

→ look for solutions to help them build, grow, refine (“maybe I should do a webinar, or a freebie, or host a training”) 

→ throw all their energy at a strategy that worked for someone else 

→ get part way into it, get overwhelmed, lose steam or it falls flat (either due to the strategy itself for their business or the logistics of getting it done along with all their other work)

→ they feel deflated and go back to the status quo until the next shiny object comes along.

Having support to choose the RIGHT strategies for THEIR business combined with week-in, week-out support to implement the strategies including tech recommendations and training, action-step planning, and accountability is the missing piece.


About the program

It’s time to RAISE THE BAR. I’m here to make sure it’s YOUR bar.

This program is a small open-ended group coaching program which means that you join, pay a monthly recurring fee, and leave whenever you’d like.

I help you navigate the myriad of strategies and tactics in the online business building space and focus on what’s matters in YOUR BUSINESS to get to consistent income without selling out, burning out, or wanting to peace out.

→ Weekly small group coaching (5 people max).

→ Slack community for implementation support between calls

INVESTMENT: $300/month.

Start anytime.

Cancel anytime.

No commitment.

Just the structure and support you need as you need it.

Unless you already have a solid plan you’d like to be supported through, I’ll guide you through the items on the list below. We do it based on you and your business, at your pace. We dive in or skip things based on what you need and what work you’ve already done. 

→ Clearly define your ideal client’s pains, fears, goals & dreams

→ Define your messaging to stand out in the sea of sameness.

→ Get crystal clear on your ideal client’s journey (the roadmap from where they are to where they want to be)

→ Create your signature process

→ Review & refine your offer(s) based on your client journey + signature process

→ Develop your content marketing/connection plan based on your ideal client

→ Develop your lead magnet(s) and initial lead journey

→ Develop your sales funnel(s)

→ Create your launch strategy and action plan

The two biggest components of this program are:

1. Customized and strategic marketing and systems recommendations.

2. Strict accountability and support to take action each week.

You’ll get week-to-week strategic guidance and implementation support to get the things done in YOUR WAY for YOUR BUSINESS.

Who this PROGRAM is for (and who it's not)

→ This program is perfect for you if you’re an introverted service-based business owner who is ready to take weekly action to reach your business goals of more revenue in less time.

→ If you’ve been selling your services for at least at year but they aren’t cohesive, you feel stressed and chaotic and you’re often not sure what to work on next - this program is for you.

→ This program is not for you if you’re brand new in business and you haven’t yet exchanged your time for money with strangers on the internet.

→ This program is not for you if you’re not willing to create regular and consistent free content to support your ideal client on their journey.

This is only a shortcut if you show up and do the work each week.

I have more clarity, ease and confidence than I’ve had since I’ve worked for myself. I only wish I’d found Amy in year 1 of my business rather than year 7.
— Sophie Stephenson , The Thinking Project

If you're even considering working with Amy I want to reassure you're making the right decision - she's worth every penny (in fact she's worth more than any amount of money).

I've had the pleasure of working with Amy over the past six months and I continuously reflect on how grateful I am I made the decision to make the investment of both time and money.

There are so many reasons - the obvious ones like my systems are now working brilliantly and are set up in a way that truly supports my life and my business; that I have true clarity on who I want to work with and why; that I have a clear communications strategy in place; I'm working less than ever yet I'm getting better results.

But, and I think more importantly, it's the intangible effects of working with Amy that mean the most to me. I feel like I've had a true expert working with me on my business - someone who intuitively gets me and what I'm trying to achieve, someone who listens brilliantly and doesn't try and fit me into a mould which means she can give me a set solution. I came to Amy as I wanted to get the Foundations of my business set up for growth. I've got so much more than that.

I have more clarity, ease and confidence than I've had since I've worked for myself. I only wish I'd found Amy in year 1 of my business rather than year 7.

So, in short, if you've got as far to be reading Amy's web page I'd say you already know you want to work with her. I truly can't recommend her highly enough. She's a joy to work with and I consider myself lucky to have found her.”

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IT’s time to Get to consistent income without selling out, burning out, or wanting to peace out.


How much time will I need to set aside each week?

You can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on this work but the speed of implementation is really up to you. I’ll keep providing the steps if you keep doing them.

So, if you’re fast and organized you’ll build the systems and marketing assets you need in 2 to 4 months. It also means that if you're busy, you won't get left behind because things are tuned to your speed.

However, if you can't spend at least 2 hours a week doing this work then this program won't be a great value for you, but otherwise it's very flexible.

What is the process?

There are certain foundational systems that you need to create consistent income in your business (without burnout and chaos). Namely, sales, marketing and client delivery systems.


→ You need a easy way to talk about the results you provide (clear messaging, signature process, aligned offers)

→ You need a compelling path for leads to connect and engage with you (content marketing, nurture sequence).

→ You need a system to invite people to work with you and an easy way for them to give you money (sales funnel)

And all of those systems are based on foundational research that gets you SUPER clear about who you help and how you help them.

I’ll walk you through creating (or refining) each of those systems step-by-step each week (see the program outline).

Why is it open-ended?

People that are truly motivated, will show up and do the work and get results but if that isn’t the case - I don’t want people locked in if they aren’t getting what they need.

I’ll show up and do my part and you show up and do yours and it’s a win-win - you get results and stay.

How long will it take to get results?

If you show up and do the work, you will create consistent income in your business within six months. Although, you’ll get tangible value in the first month (otherwise you’ll have no reason to stay).

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