You are not your work

Have you found yourself working so hard and so much that you're not sure where you end and where your business begins?

I know, I know - we build businesses around work that we love and things we’re passionate about so we don’t mind working insane hours.

So what's the problem?

A few months ago when asked what my hobbies are, I said: work.

That's ok, isn't it?

Umm, no. It's not ok.

I've been digging deep into this one lately and I've figured a few things out.

I realized that a lot of the time I spent "working" actually involves scrolling social media, triple checking email.

Refreshing, scrolling, refreshing, scrolling, repeat a million times.

I know I'm not alone.

And, when we're not clear on what we should be doing, there are so many things vying for our attention (notifications, emails, ads).

I used to just flit between different windows and programs until I found something to do (whether it's remotely related to my goals or not).

So, I cleaned up my time management and got focused. My work became a lot more EFFECTIVE.

But, then what happened was I had more time.

Which is great, right?

Except, I had no idea what to do with it.

I found myself trying to remember what I like to do with spare time (besides read books about business).

I realized that my personal life and work life were nearly inextricable.

Do What You Want is built on my personal WHY so, it makes sense that my life and business are closely connected.

However, as much as I LOVE what I do - I am not my work.

And so began the untangling process between the work that I do and the person that I am.

I'm still processing this so I don't have much to offer at this point other than to just encourage you to check in on this yourself.

Do you find yourself getting lost in your business?

Is there a clear line between your work and your personal life?

Do you make time for the things that are uniquely you that have nothing to do with work?

It's a great time of year for connecting and being present (I suppose it always is).

If you're with your family but really thinking of work or stressed out that you're missing something work-related, here's a gentle reminder for you...

You are not your work (and work CAN wait).

***drops mic, moonwalks away***

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