Hey You, be kinder to yourself

There is a lot of guilt out there.

So many people I talk to wish they had better systems and more streamlined businesses. They want to overhaul everything and they think they need to upgrade to newest fanciest technology to "level up". And maybe they do. It depends on where they are in their business.

But, I often find that starting with smart, simple improvements can not only make a world of difference but is a smarter approach.

Start small and build over time.

I've seen people invest in systems and technology that was beyond what they needed with the assumption that they'll grow into the solution but often our needs change, things shift, and by the time we grow - we may need something entirely different.

I've seen people invest in courses and solutions that don't get to the root of the problem and they end up back at square one.

Systems are a continual improvement kind of thing. They’re something we work on over time. Even the best systems are going to need to be tweaked and improved and so they should - it’s good to make things better.

What’s not good is to think that we're not good enough in the meantime.

And this applies to everything doesn’t it?

My friend Karen is an awesome Health Coach over at realenergyfood.com and she recently talked in a blog post about how you can have self-love and acceptance and also want to lose weight - they aren’t mutually exclusive.

It was kind of a light bulb moment.

I hear so many entrepreneurs focus on how things should be better or different and not enough time focusing on how amazing it is that we’re even doing this thing in the first place.

We need to be kinder to ourselves - celebrate how much we DO do, how far we HAVE come.

Enjoy where we are while working towards where we want to go.

Your systems are a work in progress. You're doing the best you can with the information you have right now and as your understanding shifts, your choices can shift too. As you grow and evolve, your business will grow and evolve right there with you.

So, do me a favour.

Pat yourself on the back for where you are, how hard you work, how far you've come, and trust that whatever challenge is around the corner, you've got this.