How to create your 2018 content strategy: Part 4

Have you ever gone through a planning exercise - planned the crap out of something only for that plan to live somewhere in the depths of your Google Drive for all eternity? Or, organized your goals, created a nice neat plan to move forward only to stare at those tasks on your to-do list for months?

This is step four of a four part series to help you create a content strategy that actually helps you move the needle on your goals.

Today I'm talking about the #1 obstacle every entrepreneur has faced since the beginning of time (well, since the beginning of capitalism I suppose): MAKING. IT. HAPPEN.

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Let's take the example from last week: I want to create weekly IN DEPTH how-to content with content upgrades.

In order to do that, there are several actions that need to happen.

What needs to happen QUARTERLY...

  1. Review content and keyword research
  2. Determine the content themes for each month within the quarter
  3. Set up the structure in Asana

What needs to happen MONTHLY…

  1. Determine the high-level topics for each piece of content for the following month
  2. Research what else has been created on the topic
  3. Write the outline for each piece of content for the following month
  4. Decide the content upgrade for each piece of content
  5. Review metrics for all previously published content and update content plan accordingly

What needs to happen WEEKLY…

  1. Create draft for one piece of content
  2. Finalize one piece of content
  3. Refresh one previously published piece of content
  4. Publish one piece of content
  5. Promote one piece of content

What needs to happen DAILY…

  1. Write 1000 words per day

But, how then do you go from a list of things to do to actually scheduling them and doing them?

1. Put actions into a task management tool

Having lists upon lists of things you want to do just isn't going to get things done and it's almost impossible to prioritize your actions when multiple static lists exist.

So, it's important to schedule out the actions you need to take (and WHEN) to implement your content plan.

Take the time to map it out, step-by-step in a tool like Asana and assign deadlines.

You can even copy and paste the listed tasks above into your task management tool.

Now, I understand that this is the hard part and the bit where almost everyone gets stuck.

If this is you, then I encourage you to schedule 15 minutes with me (totally complimentary - no strings attached) so that I can help you make your plan ACTIONABLE whether you use Asana or not.

2. Schedule time to CREATE

How often have you set a goal and maybe even broken it down into actions but just hoped that the actions get done sometime throughout the week when you have downtime?

How often does that work?

In order to reach my goal, I have to write everyday. This HAS to be scheduled and I HAVE to stick to it. Choosing not to do the work of writing every day is the same as choosing not to reach my goal.

I have one hour set aside every morning to create brand new content.

And I get it done by bribing myself to create - I've tied my morning coffee to my writing habit. No writing = no coffee.

You can imagine how much more consistent my writing habit is now ;).

To wrap it all up...

Creating a content strategy that works is all about setting REAL goals, creating a plan based on data, and then actually DOING the work. It takes time but trust me, when you're creating content that aligns with your bigger picture AND content that people are searching for - it makes a world of difference.

It's easier to write when you have a sense of purpose.

It IS possible to get ahead on your content and feel confident about the content you're creating.

I built a 90 Content Roadmap template for Asana (that is a great start to scheduling out your plan).

If you'd like to download it for free directly into your Asana account, email me at and I'll give you the password to access it (I know, old school, right?).