How to create your 2018 content strategy: Part 3

(This is step three of a four part series. You can check out part one here and part two here). Planning your 2018 content strategically is a big job and in Part 1 of this series, I asked you to take a close look at what you're really trying to accomplish and in Part 2, I asked you to take a close look at DATA to heavily inform your strategy.

So, by now you should have an idea of what your main goals are and what strategies you're going to use to accomplish them.

Today I want to walk you through a process to break your strategies into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily actions.

I want to help you create and implement a plan that’s ACTIONABLE.

Let's look at the example goal that I used: Build my audience by 6,000 subscribers by December 31, 2018 by obtaining an average of 500 new subscribers each month.

This is an ambitious goal for me. It's doable but ambitious.

Considering that I average about 40 new subscribers per month I'm looking to more than 12X my results.


First question I have to ask myself before I move forward with my plan: Am I willing to 12X my EFFORTS?

Answer: Absolutely.

What are the strategies?

So, based on my work of digging into my data, what's worked, what the trends are, and what people are looking for - there are three main, high-level strategies that I'm going to use in 2018.

1. Create weekly IN DEPTH how-to content with content upgrades

It's clear from my data and my interactions with my existing community - the thing that I can really help people with is taking all the knowledge, all the systems, and show EXACTLY how to apply them in a way that works.

(... so I can help more people spend more time doing what they love.)*

2. Leveraging my network

In my three years in online business, I've been meeting and interacting with some AMAZING people that I love and look up to.

Over 70% of my existing email list is a result of referrals from my network and partnerships. This works for me. I love working with people and it makes sense to continue to build and foster relationships.

(... so I can help more people spend more time doing what they love.)*

3. Expand to new promotional platforms

Between you and me, social media hasn't really been my thing but based on the data - YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are platforms that I my people are hanging out on and places that I should be engaging in. Also, embracing video is a real thing for 2018 (see Chapter 5).

(... so I can help more people spend more time doing what they love.)*

*See how I keep it attached to my "why"?

Breaking strategies into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily ACTIONS

For the purposes of showing you how to break things up and make them actionable, let's take look at my high-level goal #1.

I want to create weekly IN DEPTH how-to content with content upgrades.

(PS. check out this post if you're struggling to figure out how often to post)

My current system for creating content is to write when I can, try to publish each Friday, don't worry about it if I don't and so far this year I've published 17 blog posts including this one. SO, if my new plan is to create more than 3X that amount - something has to change.

What needs to happen QUARTERLY to reach my goal of creating weekly IN DEPTH how-to content with content upgrades to serve my goal of reaching 6000 new subscribers next year?

  1. Review content and keyword research from Part 2
  2. Determine the content themes for each month within the quarter
  3. Set up the structure in Asana

What needs to happen MONTHLY...

  1. Determine the high-level topics for each piece of content for the following month
  2. Research what else has been created on the topic
  3. Write the outline for each piece of content for the following month
  4. Decide the content upgrade for each piece of content
  5. Review metrics for all previously published content and update content plan accordingly

What needs to happen WEEKLY...

  1. Create draft for one piece of content
  2. Finalize one piece of content
  3. Refresh one previously published piece of content
  4. Publish one piece of content
  5. Promote one piece of content

What needs to happen DAILY...

  1. Write 1000 words per day

The key here is to break out the DECIDING what to create and the ACTUAL CREATING as well as the publishing and promoting (which will be broken down even further in the next step).

This will keep the content strategic while allowing me to save time each week trying to figure out what to create (not to mention, helping to make it as valuable as possible).

If you're finding it a bit difficult to conceptualize how this rolls out, stay tuned for Part 4. It's coming up next week and I'm going to show you how to schedule this all out for Q1 so you can take action bit by bit.

Questions? Ask me below!